Friday, 16 April 2010

New writing software; too much to do?

I had a lovely week at Dolphin Bay over Songkran.

On this trip, we actually saw dolphins in the bay.They were pink.
We fed the monkeys on monkey island, relaxed, and missed the worst of the protests.

I did no writing whatsoever.

The children go back to school on monday and this term I am looking forward to:

- organising a routine around my writing

- playing around with new writing software.
I have just downloaded the demo version of from here: after seeing it mentioned here

-fixing some bits of chapter 3

- getting further along with my course and my first draft

- working out some holes in the plot

- buying a netbook

- planning our next holiday (London, Paris and Ireland!!)Yay!

- getting fitter (did 50 laps on thursday!)

- starting a new term of French lessons

- having a massive throw out

- reading my favourite blogs

- cooking

- reading and book club

- last but not least, our first proper writer's group meeting!

Here is one of the cheeky monkeys on Monkey Island: