Monday, 24 January 2011

Writing makes me want to cook.

I've been using questions as a way of developing my main character. It is fun figuring out who their best friend is and what their favourite saying is for instance. I thought I knew a lot about him but this sort of random stuff shows me where the gaps are and highlights chances to make him more interesting.

Food is one of his interests and after thinking about his favourite dish for a while (which is a jambon beurre with mustard accompanied by either a black coffee or a bowl of latte!) I got the urge to make baguettes. I have set the bread maker to pizza dough so that I can take the dough out, shape it into a baguette and bake it in the oven. All my recipes call for bread improver which I haven't managed to find in Bangkok.

The dough looks great. Soon the smell of fresh baguettes baking will waft out of the kitchen.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What works?

I've been trying lots of different methods to foster more writing and better writing. Some things work and some don't and I don't always know why.
Yesterday I met a writing friend at one of my favourite cafes and we wrote side by side for about two hours. I wrote three thousand words and by the time we finished it was only 11.30!
That certainly worked.
We hardly spoke for those two hours but just having a friend writing beside me made me so much more productive.

I watched Coco Avant Chanel last night. I really enjoyed it, not just because she was such an interesting woman, but because of the times she lived in. Amazing to think that she died the year before I was born.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I've finished!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


So much of it around at the moment.

This is a three line poem I wrote which relates to the piece I am currently working on.

The wet scent of the sea laden air.
The earthy, smoky smell of decay.
The ancient answers to all of the questions lurking amongst the cold stones.

It is intended to focus the thoughts and act as a writing prompt when needed. What a lovely idea and one that I will use over and over again.

Happy writing :-)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bangkok insomnia

It is a beautifully stormy night.
There is frequent lightning, loud rumbling thunder and the thwack of heavy rain hitting the windows.
Although it is nearly half past ten, many headlights shine on the wet freeway below.
The sky turns from navy to light blue for a brief moment when lightning flashes. One peal of thunder hasn't finished grumbling before the next breaks impatiently over it.
I can't sleep.
Reading the "Great British Food" edition of Jamie Oliver's magazine in bed was a mistake. I'm too inspired to sleep now. I want to make peach melba, cornish pasties and super sticky pork ribs.
I'm definitely having a mug of cocoa to watch the storm with. Damn, no biscuits!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tour Eiffel

We have tickets for the Eiffel Tower!! Daughter #2 had some questions. When I told her that Gustave Eiffel had his own office in the tower until his death, she asked "Great, can we see it? I want to check for old chewing gum under his desk!"

Great advice from a local: "Spend your money on breakfast and lunch in Paris because they are special. Dinners are like dinners anywhere."

Friday, 2 July 2010

Paris and Google earth

Some days nostalgia grips me.
I think how cool it might be to go back in time and live somewhere/when else.
Not today though.
Today I booked an apartment in Paris for my holiday and found it on google earth straight away. I love the street view option but have really only used it to check out how the tenants are looking after our house in Oz until now.
I now know that the apartment is in a very Parisian looking building in a gorgeous street above a chocolate shop! What more could one ask? If one wanted some great looking shops,restaurants and bars nearby, one could not be happier! All this in the 6th arrondisement.

The best bit though is knowing that I will recognise it when we pull up in a taxi or walk from the metro. These moments can be fraught with difficulty when jetlagged with children in tow.

How did people ever book holidays without the internet?

I can't wait to drag the kids through the Louvre and up the Eiffel tower. My parents did the same thing to me when I was 6 and I've never forgotten sitting in a cafe opposite Maxim's falling in love with a gorgeous waiter who looked like Boris Becker. Maybe it would be fun to go back in time! For most of that trip, my older sister and I were dressed in matching outfits beautifully handmade by our mother but very 70's. I will never forget the dresses made from a cream cotton dotted with little flowers paired with brown cord vests and brown velvet hair ribbons!!!!

A bientot!