Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bad fish photos

So what does it all mean? It is something to ponder as one sails through life. Every time I get close to some sort of meaningful truth it sails away from me. Thank goodness. What a relief that I didn’t figure it all out years ago and then make myself a nice comfortable rut with that knowledge and stay there forever more.

There is a tall Caucasian man sitting with his young Thai son opposite me. I expect his truth and meaning is the toddler sitting next to him at Starbucks. Something life has gifted him. To the expensively dressed happy Thai teenagers vacating their table against the wall, perhaps belonging to their crowd and grabbing the most comfortable squishy couch in the cafĂ© is their current gift, as they are to their indulgent parents. Of course I could have their ages completely wrong. It’s hard to tell here. They might be 40.

Today I finally spent some time in the aquarium at Siam, by myself. Pas enfants. Mai luk sow.

It was an artist’s date a la Julia Cameron that I thought of doing ages ago. I took lots of photos, spoke to no one and wrote a brief entry in my journal whilst watching jelly fish sway gently to classical music. I really enjoyed not having to spend half an hour stationed outside the play area.

My favourite fish is this one.

He definitely needs a name. I’m thinking George or possibly Henry. He is the most handsome fish I have ever seen. Every time I visit the aquarium I look out for him. When he plays dead, I get nervous that he actually is this time. This was my second visit to the aquarium since Paragon reopened after the red shirt protests and I have noticed a difference. The fish are more responsive, eager for attention. They must have missed us! George was very animated and would not stay still for a decent photo. He used to spend our visits hiding in the coral.

This one is my second favourite after George.
I adore his fashionable dalmation spots. He wouldn’t keep still either.

In between the hordes of school children tearing around excitedly, it was peaceful. Even the busy hum of voices on the ground floor of Paragon can be peaceful. How strange.

Am currently reading "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler and "Crime" by Irvine Welsh.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Amazing what you can do with a netbook

Well the saga of our aircon and various other problems continues. Not only did I have many repairmen through our apartment today, I also had a sick 4 year old. Normally this would mean no writing, but because I can take my netbook everywhere I still got plenty of work done. I wrote lying next to my sick little girl with my netbook propped up on my tummy as well as when we were snuggled up watching Barbie movies. I've always wanted to be one of those people who could write anywhere and suddenly I am :-)

A friend told me about this and it is REALLY helping, so thanks to them !

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Netbook and repair men

I am revelling in the (relative) peace and quiet of an apartment empty of children and guests whilst trying to increase my writing output.

Our apartment is full of workmen, once again, but the latest ceiling emergency seems to be over. Today the many holes in the ceiling (5 big ones at the last count) are being filled in. The atmosphere is one of happy industry, rather than the baffled panic of the last few days.

(Not to mention the desperate search by technicians for a scapegoat, ie;
-our maid for not cleaning inside the ceiling vents(!)
-us for running the air conditioning too much)

Oh god I can hear the sound of sawing in the study.

Turns out that the water draining from the AC units had to travel up hill due to a curious installation feature, hence the many soggy patches in our ceiling. So it wasn't our fault then :-)
All fixed now though.

I spent the morning at my favourite cafe playing with my new Inspiron mini netbook. Actually got work done too. My new toy is turning out to be a huge help. Worked on a short story- the third one this week I think.

I am really enjoying French class at the moment. Had a fun tuk tuk ride home from class which made me consider again how rich my life is here.

Today I am in love with Bangkok.