Friday, 2 July 2010

Paris and Google earth

Some days nostalgia grips me.
I think how cool it might be to go back in time and live somewhere/when else.
Not today though.
Today I booked an apartment in Paris for my holiday and found it on google earth straight away. I love the street view option but have really only used it to check out how the tenants are looking after our house in Oz until now.
I now know that the apartment is in a very Parisian looking building in a gorgeous street above a chocolate shop! What more could one ask? If one wanted some great looking shops,restaurants and bars nearby, one could not be happier! All this in the 6th arrondisement.

The best bit though is knowing that I will recognise it when we pull up in a taxi or walk from the metro. These moments can be fraught with difficulty when jetlagged with children in tow.

How did people ever book holidays without the internet?

I can't wait to drag the kids through the Louvre and up the Eiffel tower. My parents did the same thing to me when I was 6 and I've never forgotten sitting in a cafe opposite Maxim's falling in love with a gorgeous waiter who looked like Boris Becker. Maybe it would be fun to go back in time! For most of that trip, my older sister and I were dressed in matching outfits beautifully handmade by our mother but very 70's. I will never forget the dresses made from a cream cotton dotted with little flowers paired with brown cord vests and brown velvet hair ribbons!!!!

A bientot!

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  1. I like the photos! And I remember that time in Paris ... you're a good mother, not making your kids wear matching outfits :-)