Monday, 24 January 2011

Writing makes me want to cook.

I've been using questions as a way of developing my main character. It is fun figuring out who their best friend is and what their favourite saying is for instance. I thought I knew a lot about him but this sort of random stuff shows me where the gaps are and highlights chances to make him more interesting.

Food is one of his interests and after thinking about his favourite dish for a while (which is a jambon beurre with mustard accompanied by either a black coffee or a bowl of latte!) I got the urge to make baguettes. I have set the bread maker to pizza dough so that I can take the dough out, shape it into a baguette and bake it in the oven. All my recipes call for bread improver which I haven't managed to find in Bangkok.

The dough looks great. Soon the smell of fresh baguettes baking will waft out of the kitchen.

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